Rufford Colliery Sidings Up Distant

Rufford Colliery Sidings fixed distant, as you approach from Rufford Junction. Above it (and on the opposite side of the post) was a home signal protecting to exit on to the Southwell branch. Loops used to run on both sides of the main running line.

View from forest of 6 and 7

This view shows the 6 and 7 junction signals for the Clipstone and Rufford lines looking towards the embankment.

Looking north up the Clipstone branch towards Helmsley Crossing.

Looking north up the Clipstone branch towards Helmsley (Elmsley?) Crossing. Clipstone starter No 11 signal in the foreground. A single siding (lifted by the time this picture was taken) used to branch off to the left of this picture, long enough to take about 20 wagons. Does anyone know what it was used for? You can see outer home number 22 behind and the fixed distant for Helmsley Crossing in the distance.


This is the view south looking back to the No 22 outer home signal on the Clipstone branch. 11 and 22 were standard LMS/BR upper quadrants. The siding mentioned above trailed in just before the pile of sleepers on the right.

The fixed distant for Inkersall Crossing on the Rufford side

Walking a little further up the track we come to the fixed distant for Helmsley crossing. This had an old lower quadrant spectacle plate with just the orange glass.

Clipstone distant

Further still Rufford’s fixed distant for the Clipstone line. No spectacle plate, just an orange lamp.

The home signal protecting the exit from the empty branch

The tall Midland lower quadrant home signal protecting the exit from the Midland empty branch. This was the only single-armed lower quadrant home at Rufford. All the rest had two or three dolls.

Up Home signal, Clipstone Branch

The three-doll Midland Railway lower quadrant signal which guarded the exit from the Clipstone branch. By 1981, the last year of the box’s operation, the Clipstone siding to the west of the running line had gone and the facing crossover to the Rufford siding had also been removed, hence the removal of the right and left arms.

View towards Rufford Junction

The view towards the site of Rufford Junction taken in 1981.


3 Responses to “Signals”

  1. Peter Churchman on December 20th, 2008 9:08 pm

    Was Inkersall Xing not on the GC line?
    My memory may be wrong, but I though Elmsley Xing was the one on the MR Clipstone Colly Branch…

  2. Clyde on December 22nd, 2008 12:48 pm

    Ha! Yes it was. It was next to Helmsley Villas, where (I believe) some of the pit managers lived. They were demolished in the 1970s, and the whole site was overrun by lupins (cue Monty Python sketch) from the old gardens. Must’ve been something in the soil…

  3. Kevin P Mulhall on December 22nd, 2008 5:49 pm

    Hi Clyde,Re the level crossings at Rufford Elmsley was LMR then we had the empty side gates then the next crossing was Inkersall,as when I was lamplad at Mansfield cs,I had to see to the lamps at Inkersall and Elmsley gates,also Helmsley Villas,I can remember then and have been told that they was for the pit managers,Re the siding on the Clipstone branch,myself and Eric Marsh walked alone it and I found some old wagon plates,as far as I can remember it would hold around 30 wagons,have a look at google maps as you still have the box in the wrong place,the only thing I can do is send you a drawing and you will see what I am on about ok.